Vibrationssiebmaschine, Eindecker geschlossene Baureihe

Vibration screening machines ‐ closed series

The closed design is available (KSG1/KSG2) for fine, dusty grain sizes.

Closed screening machines with one screening level separate mostly dusty feed grains into 2 fractions (oversize/undersize). Screen linings with mesh sizes of 1.0 to 6.0 mm are usually used here. In the feed area of the screening machines, there is initially a blind bottom area so that the screenings do not impact the screen lining directly.

Replaceable wear plates can be used as wear protection in this feed area. The impact area also ensures a more even distribution of the material in order to utilize optimally the downstream screening area.

Types of construction:

  • Single deck closed
    Screening machines with 1 screening level separate the feed grain into 2 fractions (oversize undersize)
  • Double deck closed
    Screening machines with 2 screening levels separate the feed grain into 3 fractions (oversizemedium‐grain undersize).

Various screen linings are available for different tasks:

  • Steel mesh,
  • stainless steel mesh,
  • plastic linings,
  • welded slot screens,
  • or perforated plates

In the case of woven fabrics, pressure welded meshes and perforated plates, the screen linings must be raised so that these screen linings can be tensioned over tensioning rails. This avoids "flutter breaks". Both bottom‐mounted and top‐mounted vibratory drives are available for all screening machines. For the drive units, we use 4‐pole and 6‐pole vibration motors as well as Richter exciters and shaft drives (depending on requirements).

All machines can also be manufactured in different materials (stainless steel in material 1.4301 and 1.4571).


Areas of application