Feed shoes

Feed shoes are end elements that are installed at silo outlets. These units, made of high‐quality steel, can be equipped with emergency sliders or, in the case of coarse grain sizes, with needle sliders. These sliders are only used to shut off the silo outlet in an emergency (e.g. if the vibrating conveyor is dismantled when the silo is full).

Feed shoes are mounted under the silo outlets. They accommodate the vibrating conveyor underneath via an integrated substructure.


All guide plates for guiding the bulk material are components of the feed shoe. Therefore the vibratory conveyor is freely movable, adjustable and accessible.

Feed shoes are available as standard for all open vibratory conveyors up to 2500 mm.
A distinction is made between the models for magnetic (AS‐VRF) and unbalanced drive (AS‐UR1).


Areas of application