Special designs

In addition to the extensive range of standard constructions from the areas of screening/conveying/dosing, Dosiertechnik GmbH also focuses on the area of special machine constructions. From planning up to repair and maintenance, Dosiertechnik GmbH is a reliable partner in all areas.

Spiral conveyor for freeze‐dried herbs and vegetables


For an international customer we manufactured spiral conveyors and various vibratory conveyors for freeze‐dried herbs and vegetables. The herbs are conveyed from a big‐bag unloading station into a vibratory conveyor with a magnetic drive. A vibrating conveyor with an unbalance drive feeds an optical‐electronic control unit. The material is then transported vertically by a vibratory conveyor with an unbalance drive into a spiral conveyor. After the spiral conveyor, a vibratory conveyor tube with an unbalance drive conveys the product through a detector into a vibratory conveyor with an unbalance drive at the top. This vibratory conveyor optionally feeds four big bags via pneumatic flap controls. All vibratory conveyors are made entirely of stainless steel material 1.4301.

Swivelling vibratory conveyor with unbalance drive

Schwenkbarer Schwingförderer mit Unwuchtantrieb


In the automotive industry, material is fed in batches from containers by forklift truck. This material is fed to an inspection and production line via a vibratory conveyor with unbalance drive.

As soon as a defective part enters the inspection line, the customer assumes that there are more defective parts in the batch.

In this case, the vibratory conveyor with unbalance drive swivels by 90° via an electrically driven slewing ring and conveys the remaining batch still in the vibratory conveyor into a container so that the contents of this container can then be checked for further defective parts. The vibratory conveyor swivels back to the starting position to convey further batches into the inspection and production line.

Vibration screening machines under mobile silo vehicle

Vibrationssiebmaschinen unter fahrbarem Silofahrzeug

For a customer, two vibration screening machines were arranged underneath a silo vehicle. The silo vehicle was cut open at the top by the customer for wheel loader loading. The opening of the vehicle is equipped with mobile corrugated sheet metal covers. The vehicle is driven within the customer's company to the various locations where it is loaded with wheel loaders. The product in the vehicle is classified into oversize and undersize by the two screening machines located underneath, whereby the undersize (good product) is conveyed onto a mobile conveyor belt.

The oversize is discharged laterally above the sieve.