Vibration screening machines

Classification (the separation of different grain sizes) is the task of reliable vibration screening machines. Coarse and fine materials are separated from each other by different screen linings.

Vibrationssiebmaschine, Eindecker geschlossene Baureihe

Vibration screening machines ‐ closed series

The closed design is available (KSG1/KSG2) for fine, dusty grain sizes.


Bar grate screening machines

Bar grate screening machines are used for coarse pre‐screening of large grain sizes before the material is further processed by jaw crushers and mills (SRS).


Dewatering screening machines

Dewatering screening machines are systems that use vibration technology simultaneously to convey and dewater wet and granular bulk materials (EWS).

Vibrationssiebmaschine, Eindecker offene Baureihe

Vibration screening machines ‐ open series

For coarse grain sizes, the open designs (KS1, KS2) as well as the circular vibrating screens Victoria KS1 and KS2 are available.