Spiral conveyors

Spiral conveyors are special vibratory conveyors designed for transporting bulk materials and unit loads in the vertical axis.

How spiral conveyors work

The transport process in spiral conveyors takes place via a helical spiral track, which is set into a vibrating motion via a vibratory drive. The vibration in the spiral conveyor causes the goods to be transported to start moving on the spiral track and to be transported successively upwards. Spiral conveyors are available in both open and closed design. Conveying heights of up to 6 m are possible without any problems.

Helical conveyors with cooling or heating effect

Due to the long conveying distances usually associated with helical conveyors, the goods to be conveyed remain on the conveyor track for a relatively long time. This makes spiral conveyors wellsuited for goods that need to be cooled down, since automatic cooling takes place during transport, making additional cooling unnecessary in many cases. Alternatively, the goods conveyed in the spiral conveyor can also be heated during transport. In these cases, we speak of cooling spiral conveyors or heating spiral conveyors.

Areas of application for Dosiertechnik spiral conveyors

The spiral conveyors from Dosiertechnik GmbH are mainly used for the gentle transport of bulk materials in industry in order to transport the bulk materials gently from the bottom to the top. In addition to the technical advantages, spiral conveyors also feature a high degree of economic efficiency and ecological benefits.


Areas of application