Schwingförderer mit Magnetantrieb

Schwingförderer mit Magnetantrieb

Vibratory conveyors with magnetic drive

Vibratory feeders with magnetic drives have a performance range of 0‐100%.

This infinitely variable dosing capacity can be controlled in coarse/fine flow operation. In addition, this capacity can be controlled by an external signal of 0‐20 mA, 4‐20 mA and 0‐10 V. Operation is exclusively via DOSVIB control units.

The magnetic drive ensures that the material cannot run over. This is a decisive advantage over the unbalance drive if, for example, a controlled dosing of the material is to be ensured.

For reasons of vibration, the maximum length of magnetic vibratory conveyors is 2500 mm. These short distances are ideal for the dosing and control area. For possible onward transport, unbalanced vibratory conveyors have proven their worth.

The magnetic conveyors are divided into 3 categories

  • Open conveyors (VRF)
  • Closed conveyors (VRG)
  • Tube conveyors (VRO)


Areas of application