Vibratory feeders for new ballast plant

For a new ballast plant in Germany, 15 heavy vibratory feeders with feed shoes and integrated needle pushers were needed.

As the material to be conveyed is very wear‐intensive and a conveying capacity of up to 600 tonnes per hour is required, the vibratory conveyors have to be lined with 15mm thick replaceable wear plates made of Hardox.

Feed shoes were required, which are bolted under silos and accommodate the vibratory feeders so that they do not need to be set up or suspended separately. The feed shoes should be equipped with
needle valves so that the silo outlets can be closed off in an emergency. The feed shoes have guide baffles that are also lined with heavy wear plates.

For the vibratory feeders, dosing technology vibration motors were specified for low‐maintenance and trouble‐free operation of the machines.

For feeding the impact crusher, a vibratory feeder in the discharge area is extended from 2200 mm to 2500 mm so that the impact bars of the impact mill are impacted over the entire width.