Vibratory feeder, closed design, swivelling

A mineral grinding mill required a vibrating chute that can be operated in different positions. Our customer's goal was to feed two conveyor belts at different locations with only one vibratory feeder. We solved this demanding task excellently with a manually adjustable slewing ring.

In particular, a very stable slewing ring unit had to be used in the design of the system to withstand the heavy load due to the leverage effects and the vibrations of the machine. The turntable is locked
manually in the respective end position of the vibrating chute. When the second conveyor belt is selected, the turntable is unlocked and the new position of the vibratory feeder is selected. The turntable is then locked again and the vibratory feeder is switched on again. The swivelling capability of vibratory feeders of different sizes and for very different bulk materials is part of a large range of special designs in the Dosiertechnik GmbH programme.