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Feed shoes

Feed shoes are end elements that are installed at silo outlets. These units, made of high‐quality steel, can be equipped with emergency sliders or, in the case of coarse grain sizes, with needle sliders. These sliders are only used to shut off the silo outlet in an emergency (e.g. if the vibrating conveyor is dismantled when the silo is full).

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Shake‐out grates

Shake‐out grates, also called vibrating grates or separating grates, are machines used in foundries to separate molding sand from the casting and the molding box.

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Spiral conveyors

Spiral conveyors are special vibratory conveyors designed for transporting bulk materials and unit loads in the vertical axis.

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Vibratory conveyors with magnetic drive

Vibratory feeders with magnetic drives have a performance range of 0‐100%.

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Vibratory conveyors with unbalance drive

Vibratory conveyors with unbalance drive are used wherever control of 30 % to 100 % of the output is required. This power range is continuously controlled via frequency control devices.

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Bar grate screening machines

Bar grate screening machines are used for coarse pre‐screening of large grain sizes before the material is further processed by jaw crushers and mills (SRS).

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Vibration screening machines ‐ closed series

The closed design is available (KSG1/KSG2) for fine, dusty grain sizes.

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Vibration screening machines ‐ open series

For coarse grain sizes, the open designs (KS1, KS2) as well as the circular vibrating screens Victoria KS1 and KS2 are available.

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